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Event Karkloof 100 2018
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By entering this event you are agreeing and acknowledging following as a participant:
  1. You are fit and able to complete the race distance you have entered under normal circumstances.
  2. The courses are mountainous and sometimes difficult to access. Rescues can take time.
  3. No refunds will be given. Should you be unable to participate you may sell your entry onward. It is your responsibility to find the substitute and inform the organisers in writing.
  4. The race organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or withdraw a participant from the course should they deem it necessary for the safety of the participant, race and race staff.
  5. You have read, understood and agreed to the race indemnity.
Payment Method
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Entry Fee R3600-00
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Payment Process
Once the above form has been completed and checked, you will be automatically directed to the Virtual Card Services (VCS) website to complete the payment for your entry. The secure VCS payment page is secured using SSL encryption. Once payment is completed you will be returned to this site where your entry will be processed and you see a page confirming the details of your entry. You will be sent a confirmation email from this site with the details of your entry and a confirmation email from VCS confirming the details of your payment.

*NB* Should your credit card payment fail there is an option to try again, alternatively you can use the your payment refrence and complete the entry by EFT. If we do not receive your proof of payment within 5 working days your entry will lapse and will have to be resubmitted

EFT Option:
If you choose to pay by EFT please follow these steps.
1. Submit the entry form
2. Make payment into the KZN Trail Running Account using the details provided after submitting this form.
3. Email proof of payment to:  lauren@kzntrailrunning.co.za
4. If we do not receive your proof of payment within 5 working days your entry will lapse and will have to be resubmitted

Terms and Conditions
  1. Payments are accepted via MasterCard or Visa credit cards
  2. The prices quoted are in South African Rands
  3. Once your entry has been processed your payment cannot be refunded
  4. Your bank statement will reflect a charge from 'KZN Trail Running'
  5. No payment information (Credit Card numbers, CVC numbers) is transmitted to, stored or shared by this website